WP.1 Development: Capacity building of National SQFComittees

1. National SQF Development Committees

2. Training package for professional trainings

3. Training members of SQF Development Committees

4. In-house workshops


WP.2 Development Platform for stakeholder dialogue

1. SQF Management Unit at PCs

2. Study tour for the SQFMU staff

3. Database for the SQFMD

4. Tools for collecting data for the Database

5. Regulations on the Database management

6. Final version of the Database


WP.3 Development SQFs on informatics and management

1. Concept for SQFs in informatics and management

2. National versions of the concept

3. Testing the SQFs

4. Guidelines on the development of SQFs

5. Final version of national SQFs

6. Handbooks for SQFs in informatics and management


WP.4 Development Learning outcomes for MA and BA

1. Intended learning outcomes for MA and BA

2. Peer-review by EU partners

3. Methodology of developing Los

4. Adapted versions of the LOs for MA and BA


WP.5 Dissemination

1. Project web-site

2. Brochures and publications

3. Meetings and conferences


WP.6 Quality plan Quality control and monitoring

1. Biannual reports of project achievements

2. Annual site-visit reports by the PMB

3. Annual presentations at Ministries

4. Peer-reviews of SQF development

5. Reports of external experts

6. External financial audit


                WP.7 Exploitation Sustainability

1. Self-certification of the SQFs

2. Adoption of the SQFs by the Ministries

3. Adoption of the LOs by Academic Councils

4. Financial projections for SQFs maintenance


              WP.8 Management

1. Kick-off meeting

2. Project Governing Board

3. Biannual coordination meetings

4. Day-to-day operational management