СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The development and implementation of SQFs in the 3 PC countries will be conducted drawing on the CEDEFOP (2010) methodology and the good practice in EU countries. The following stages of development will be covered:

(a) conceptualisation and design: the PC countries will define a general concept and main policy objectives of the future SQF for informatics and management, in many cases resulting in an outline providing the basis for wider dissemination and discussion with the stakeholders. Drawing on the general concept each PC country will refine it to the specific country needs and produce a national concept for SQFs in informatics and management;

(b) consultation and testing: the SQF proposals will be presented to and discussed within a broader group of stakeholders. An external peer-review of the SQFs will be undertaken by EU partners to ensure comparability with the European standards;

(c) official establishment/adoption: to ensure sustainability of the developments the SQFs will be adopted by respective governments, which will take the form of a decree of the Minister of Education and Science of respective countries;

(d) practical implementation; this stage moves the framework towards full scale applied practice and the PC universities will integrate the new structures and methods meanwhile informing the potential end-users about the purposes and benefits of the framework.

The respective QA agencies/Ministries in the PCs will undertake self-certification of the SQFs. An expert panel per each PC, including international experts, will be set up to conduct self-certification process during months 20-24. The expert panel will undertake a site-visit for self-certification purposes drawing on EU standards and guidelines for self- certification.
CMC-MSU will lead the WP implementation, take care of its timely and effective achievement of the goals, monitor and draft a report on the achievements.