СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Effective implementation of the NQF and therefore SQFs is not feasible without a strong networking of all stakeholders, including civil society and social partners. Thus, establishment of a platform where the various stakeholders would engage in an active dialogue on the relevance of qualifications and quality of their provisions is envisioned in months 4-5. An SQF Management Unit (SQFMU) with its Board (SQFMB) will be established in the leading universities of each PC: SEUA in Armenia, CMC-MSU in Russia and KhNU in Ukraine. The units will be managed by the SQFMB and the main functions will evolve around SQF on-going development, management and coordination of the assessment and validation of experiences in private companies. To ensure the MU staff has the necessary capacity to run the functions the SQFMB staff members, 3 per each PC country, will have a 6-day study tour to TUKE, WUS and FLC to get a first-hand exposure to the experience of their counterparts. The study tour methodology will involve practical approaches: shadowing the staff at EU counterpart units and workshops. On their return the SQFMB members will embark on the development of the platform for stakeholder involvement: the database, electronic forum and tools for data collection. The developed concepts and drafts of the database, e-forum and tools will be peer reviewed by EU partners and external experts, refined to pilot operationalize the platform. Regular teleconferencing with the consortium members will be organized to ensure involvement of various stakeholders and their inputs as well as relevance and quality of the developments.

UKOLD will lead the WP, take care of its effective and timely execution, monitor and draft a report on the WP achievements.