СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Without this systematic shift in the way the qualifications are defined and described it is difficult to see how the SQFs will be operationalized. Thus, the next step of the project would be to design and develop intended LOs drawing on the SQFs for informatics and management. The academic staff involved in the SQF Development Committee will embark on the development of LOs drawing on the Tuning methodology. The EU partners will travel to PCs for joint developments and discussions. The newly developed LOs will be circulated among the academic staff at target universities and ultimately presented at PC universities. To ensure the LOs are comparable with the European ones peer-review by EU partners and external experts will be undertaken. The LOs will be further defined to meet the needs of local markets. LOs will be adapted to local regional labour-market conditions of each PC university, and a local LO version will be validated by decision of the Academic Council of corresponding university. Lastly, guidelines on the LO development methodology and handbooks for the national LOs will be produced in Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian and English languages.

KNU will act as a lead partner for the WP, take care of its timely and effective execution, monitor its implementation and draft a report.