СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The project will launch with a kick off (month 1) meeting in UMCS during which all the partners will be introduced to discuss time planning, deliverables, tasks, and management. Biannual coordination meetings will be organized at NMU, QANU and RAU. During the coordination meetings operational, technical, financial and content issues with the project objectives will be discussed. Planning for the upcoming activities will be undertaken, as well as discussions on the lessons learnt and good practice will be held.

The management of the project will be undertaken at two levels: PC and overall project. First of all, at project level Project Governing Board (PGB) will be established, which will involve one representative per EU country and two per PC. The PGB will convene once per month via teleconferencing to discuss the project recent developments. At each PC a project management group (PMG) will be established. The PMGs will make sure the project runs efficiently and effectively at institutional level. Next, for each PC the contact person should ensure harmony of workpackage implementation at each PC and timely management of the project, quality control and monitoring visits at local level. Further, each workpackage will be run by a partner: WP1-UMCS; WP2-UKOLD; WP3-CMC-MSU; WP4 - KNU; WP 5- WUS; WP6 - QANU and ANQA; WP 7- SEUA; WP8-UMCCS. Lastly, at overall project level the grantholder will establish a project management team, which will manage daily errands, finances, operational distribution and redistribution of activities, project coordination meetings as well as quality control and monitoring visits. UMCS will prepare intermediate and final reports to the EACEA.

UMCS will lead the WP, take care of its timely and effective execution, monitor and produce a report.