СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

For ensuring quality of the project, activities aimed at monitoring each workpackage implementation are envisioned at two levels: PC level and project level. To begin with, at PC level the Contact Person will undertake site-visits to each university upon the completion of each workpackage. Next, each PC will submit biannual reports on project developments, which will include the results of the Contact Person’s site-visits. Apart from the PC level, annual reviews undertaken by the Project Management Board on annual basis are envisioned, which will feed into project annual and final report. Recommendations for improvement will be provided by international experts as well as through the feedback of local experts. Another quality assurance element would be annual presentations in the national Ministries of Education with participation of stakeholders. Peer-reviews of SQF development progress by Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian SQFDCs is envisioned to promote the dialogue between the PCs and improve the communication and collaboration. Lastly, external evaluation of the project by sub-contracted EU and PC peers will be undertaken. Close to the end of the project an external financial audit will be undertaken since the budget exceeds the ceiling of 750000,00 euros.

ANQA and QANU will be lead partners in this WP, will take care of effective and efficient execution of the WP, monitor and produce a report to feed into external experts' report.