To ensure project sustainability and applicability after life-time first of all capacity building of the local developers will be undertaken so that newly gained expertise is maintained, rooted and disseminated. Next, the SQFs will undergo self- certification by respective QA agencies drawing on EU standards and criteria. With the aim the local QA agencies will set- up peer-review panels involving international experts, conduct a desk-review and site-visits. Next, adopting of the SQFs by respective Ministries of Education and Science will be undertaken, which will guarantee its long-term applicability.

Another sustainability element is approval of the learning outcomes by the respective university Academic Councils and Ministries. The latter will ensure wider application of the newly developed SQFs and Los: involving both other sectors and non-consortium universities. Lastly, financial projections and strategies will be developed for keeping the SQFs up- to-date, the respective units running and on-going developments after the project’s life-time.

SEUA will lead the WP, ensure its timely and effective implementation, monitor and produce a report to feed into annual reports.